Mapping Google Drive or Dropbox to a drive letter

So you’re on Windows and want to use Dropbox or Google Drive with it’s own drive letter?

Step 1:
First figure out where your Dropbox or Google Drive folder is stored. Go to ‘Computer’ and right click on Dropbox or Google Drive and copy the whole path name that is in the text field labeled Target. Mine happens to be:
“E:\googledrive\Google Drive”

But yours is probably something like:
“C:\Users\Martin\Google Drive”

Make sure you copy the quotes too.

Step 2:
Run notepad and put one line in the new file. Replace the path with the one you found in step 1.

Now, save this file on your Desktop as a file named: drive letter.bat

Close notepad.

Step 3:
Double-click the file you just saved. You should have a new drive called G:
If not, you did something wrong.

Step 4:
Drag this batch file (drive letter.bat) to the start menu, and put it in:
Start->All Programs->Startup

It’ll start up every time you login to your computer, and if everything went right you’ll always have a drive G: