3 Axis Movement

Here are a couple pictures of progress made

I’ve managed to get all 3 axes running. The second picture is the machine drawing a sample picture with a marker.

As you might notice, I have some serious hacks going on in my “design” thus far.

I plan on fixing these issues as I go along. I was so excited to get the machine running that I couldn’t wait to get the proper materials for motor brackets.

It does move on it’s own. The cheapo 3 axis stepper driver I bought from a Chinese vendor on eBay runs from a parallel port interface. I don’t have a working parallel port on my newer desktop PC so I’m using my old Thinkpad T43 which happens to have a parallel port.

The software that comes with the board will probably be useless for pick & place operations, but it is interesting to think of the possibilities that this machine might have for possibly routing parts from delrin. I’m sure it doesn’t have the rigidity to mill any metals.


2 thoughts on “3 Axis Movement”

  1. How rigid would it need to be to mount a dremel and small milling/cutting bit, or drill bit?
    You might not be able to mill out metal, but you might be able to do PCBs for prototypes if they have funky shapes, or very small board sizes.

    1. I tried milling some particle board with a dremel. It basically worked. With some improvements I think I could actually mill some delrin parts. Milling simple PCBs might be possible too. I made one as a freshman at A-state and it came out as crap but probably that was just my fault.

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