Setting up NFS client on Beaglebone black

Really short HOWTO here. I want to share files from my desktop running Ubuntu, to my Beaglebone Black, which is running Angstrom Linux. Here’s how I did it: Install nfs-server on the Ubuntu machine # apt-get install nfs-kernel-server 2. Edit /etc/exports, adding this line: /home/martin/beaglebone_nfs 3. Create the directory on the server side (as […]

New L6470 Stepper motor controller board in progress.

Coming soon 4 Channels L6470 USB interface (micro USB) 8 MHz oscillator for L6470 and PIC microcontroller (PIC24FJ64GB002) Header for external SPI interface if using Arduino or different microcontroller board. Headers for step and direction interface, for microcontroller or parallel port PC interface. ¬†UPDATE I haven’t worked on this since October 2, 2013 (and it’s […]